Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year...here's to new beginnings...

Hi! Remember me?

Let me first apologize for being M.I.A for almost a year. So much has changed since my last post back in March of 2010. I have since tied the knot with my "Answered Prayer" (see happy-dance-post-wedding pic above). I completed two semesters of "33 and Back to School". Spring 2010 was awesome-4.0 GPA awesome! Fall 2010 was good, but given all that was on my plate, my GPA took a dip. I ended the semester with 3 B's and an A. Not too bad, right. I registered for Spring 2011 classes today and am on track to graduate from SDSU this December! Yay! (insert happy dance pre-graduation)

2010 was most eventful. Answered Prayer and I are finally living under one roof, in the same city and state. Almost 3 years of happy loving and we are officially husband and wifey. We are living proof that long distance relationships do work and do result in marriage. I must say, married life is the BEST life when you marry the right person. I am looking forward to life as a wife and all that newlywed bliss has to offer.

Aside from getting married and the Husby making the big move to sunny San Diego, I had to trim a lot off my plate. This is why my Beauty Brains and Baking blog got NO love, many of my hobbies became afterthoughts and many of my projects got placed on the back burner. CattyCakes is still around. Sadly, I had to make the hard decision of putting school first and finishing what I started years ago. Launching a new business while planning my dream wedding and going back to college was not in the cards. I say this all to somehow give you a little insight into what has been going on with the "BakingBeauty" and to provide you with a brief explanation as to why my blogging gusto turned into blogging dusto. Forgive me?

I have so many recipes, tips and tricks in my mind. I owe you all a BIG dose of catch up. My first tip of the year is this: allow yourself the opportunity to say, "no". You can be Super Woman and still say, "no" when your plate runneth over.

I turn 34 this Thursday. I'm looking forward to all that 34 has to offer. Perhaps the good Lord will bless the Husby and I with a little one or maybe He won't. Perhaps I'll lose the 40 lbs I think I need to in order to fit into the graduation dress I've hand designed in my Vera Wang inspired daydreams. Perhaps I'll get into an amazing research lab, get accepted into a FABULOUS grad school, or maybe I'll just take some time for myself and write another blog post...only time will tell. Happy New Year 2011 everyone! Make the most of it or don't. Either way you will have achieved all that you sought out to and all that you were destined to. Remember, everything happens for a reason and sometimes life just gets in the way. Sacrifices are the stepping stones to success, so step cautiously and with great purpose. And when in doubt, bake a cake or two: one for you and one for a friend. Happy Baking my Baking Divas and Divos! Love and Baking, Mrs. CattyCakes the Baking Beauty...

I felt it only appropriate to end with a picture of "my" cake.

Here's the Husby's:

He Scored!!