Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let them eat cake! Red Velvet Cake that is...

Ok, so let me first start by thanking you all for your patience and understanding. It took me longer than planned to get this Red Velvet Cake recipe posted. The last 48 hours have been non-stop! Between tornado warnings, extreme weather, being sick as a dog, treating fevers, hives, runny noses, body aches and everything else that comes with being ill in the winter, I've not had a moment's rest. I couldn't bake yesterday, because I broke out in hives and had a fever. I didn't get to bake this morning, because I had a long list of TTD's that had to be done by 5pm. Did I mention I'm getting married to my fabulous, amazing fiance and best friend? Yep-6 more months and I will proudly be a WIFEY!

After all of my earlier obligations were met, I had a field day in the kitchen. Oh how I love my kitchen! After a long day's work, I get to throw on my honey's oversized uber-comfy Charger slippers (even though I'm not a Bolts fan), roll up my sleeves (I didn't actually wear sleeves today), coordinate my baking ingredients and utensils, take a deep breath, preheat my oven and go to town. Well, it's 7:00pm PST and I'm beat. I've been up since 1:00am-INSOMNIAC!

My Red Velvet Cake is cooling on the kitchen counter, my eyelids are not cooperating with me to stay awake, my nose is running again and it's time for me to take my evening dose of Theraflu and TV shows that knock me out! You know which ones I'm talking about. Am I the only one who sleeps with the TV on? Do not fret my lovely Baking Beauties and Handsomes. I managed to take pictures of my cake making process and I've uploaded them all for your viewing pleasure. I don't have the strength in me to translate GAWM's cake recipe into simple English for you all tonight, but I will in the morning. For tonight, rejoice in the lovely story told by the following pictures. I may not be dictating instructions, step-by-step, but a pictures says a thousand words right? Enjoy! If there was a such thing as Blog-A-Smell, you would be in a sweet-cake-coma-trance. I just made that up and I'm way to tired to use Spell Check. Detailed instructions to follow. I've included GAWM's recipe as she gave it to me-literally. You will love me when you see what I had to work with. Hehe. Love you Great Aunt Willie Mae! Thank you for the yummy recipe. Our ancestors are dancing with Baker's delight!

See the thing in the middle? Yeh, that's what I got from GAWM. Just a list of ingredients!

Not to worry, I've figured out the actual recipe and it's simple:
Grease your pan-I used a bundt pan my adorable little brother gave me for my bday this month. I use Crisco. Dust greased pan with Cocoa (Nestle's is great).

What you will need to make this cake...

Note: I only used one 1oz bottle of Red Food Coloring. Actually, I only used 3/4 of that 1 bottle.
2nd Note: I didn't have Vegetable Oil, so I used Canola Oil-it tastes the same.

With an electric mixer on low, combine sugar and oil.

this is the mixture after adding in eggs and 1tsp of Cocoa. I always increase that to 2tsp of Cocoa. I don't follow instructions well. LOL!

Bring on the blood bath-just kidding-it's red food coloring!

We're done. Time to get our bake on.

Ahh...the pour...

There's actually enough mixture to make a cake and cupcakes, but I was weak and only made a cake.

37 minutes later-TADAH!

Your cake is done when it starts to pull away from the sides or when you stick it with a toothpick and it comes out clean-NO CAKE ON PICK!
Let your cake cool completely before inverting it to a fabulous cake plate or platter.
Frost and enjoy!
Nighty night my Baking Beauties and Handsomes. Stay tuned for Cookie Pops and more!
Remember, it's always best to say it with cake! ~CattyCakes the BakingBeauty

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